Reiki is Love, love is wholeness, wholeness is balance, balance is wellbeing,
wellbeing is freedom from disease.

Reiki is an energy healing practice which releases energetic blockages to allow the free flow of energy (Chi) (Prana) (Ki)  throughout our physical, emotional and energetic bodies,

thus restoring harmony and balance.

Reiki can release disease and discomfort emotionally, mentally and physically.

Reiki ~ Spirit Energy

The Rei (Divine) Ki (Energy) flows through the healer and works to open and soften the emotional body of the client, triggering the relaxation response and creating opportunity for the body to restore and to heal.

My job as the vessel of Spiritual, Universal Healing Energy is to create an opening, a willingness, the ability for my client to find a place of relaxation in order to receive the healing they need for their wellbeing and greater good.

To allow repair, restore and release of that which no longer serves their being.

I bring to my healing practice and teachings learning and experience of my own healing journey.

Reiki is non-invasive. It is a gentle practice given either hands on or off, present or distant.

It works by connecting my energy with yours to allow and enable your own body and soul to receive and therefore to heal.


Reiki Blessings

Bernie x


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One to One Sessions

Experience the magic of Reiki healing on a personal level with my one to one sessions. 

Please get in touch to discuss & arrange.